Who We Are


Pitiona just emerged. Even though newborn, it was years in the making, years of learning, gestating and growing. Today’s Pitiona is the end result of dreams, working late and acquired knowledge. We may be just starting, but in our soul, we hold all the secrets of an incredible and always-surprising Oaxacan cuisine.


Like the craftsman whose hands are guided by abilities inherited from previous generations, creating precious works worthy of a special place, our cuisine distinguishes itself with one-of-a-kind dishes that strive to remain in the epicurean, visual, olfactory and even sensorial memory of those who eat them.


Pitiona began with a clear vision: to recuperate the flavors of Oaxacan cuisine from the coast, the Mixtec region and the valley, but with a new twist, of the spoon so to speak, to what is traditional so that our family recipes would not be lost.


In an effort to respect, care for and promote our country, all of our products—in and out of the kitchen—are Mexican: from the olive oil to the sea salt and unrefined sugar, from the wine to the mescal.


Not only do we surprise you with our cuisine, we also do so with the restaurant’s ambience. That is why Oaxacan artists have made exclusive work to be admired here: Adan Paredes’ ceramics dazzle the walls and Omar Hernandez’s work beautifies our tables. You can also contemplate the art of other Oaxacan artists on a continual basis thanks to the Quetzalli Gallery’s rotating exhibitions.